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Our teachers and administrators are responsible for the academic progress and skill progression of students who attend our center. Data is collected yearly from career centers to make certain we are meeting state and federal requirements. How does R.D. Anderson stack up when compared to other centers in the state? Click here to view our School Report Card on the State Dept. of Education website.

The Education Oversight Committee has established three measures for career centers on the career center report card.

1. Technical Skill Attainment. Percentage of CATE students passing technical skill assessments that are aligned with industry-recognized standards, plus students achieving an average of at least 2.0 on final grades for the year for all CATE courses they took at the career center during the year.

2. Graduation. Percentage of twelfth-grade CATE students receiving a South Carolina high school diploma

3. Placement. Percentage of available CATE completers placed in postsecondary education, military service, or employment, averaged over a three-year period.