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RDA History

R.D. Anderson Applied Technology Center began serving students from Byrnes, Dorman, and Woodruff High Schools in 1969 under the direction of Mr. K.O. Couch. The school was named in honor of Mr. Rudolph D. Anderson who retired in 1968 as the State Director of Vocational Education.  He was known nationally for his 40 year career in education. Mr. Anderson introduced the concept of area vocational centers designed to serve more than one community and was a pioneer in the development of vocational centers in South Carolina.

R.D. Anderson Applied Technology Center is one of 49 career centers in the state which provide high school students with skills necessary to prepare them for a successful career in an ever-changing work place. It is one of thirteen "Multi-District" Centers in South Carolina.

R.D. Anderson is accredited by the Southern Association of Secondary Schools and offers a career curriculum to students from Byrnes, Dorman, and Woodruff High Schools. The one-year and two-year programs, plus several semester courses, offer students a wide range of career choices. This provides students with a basic foundation to either enter the work force immediately after graduation or to continue their education at a technical college of a four-year college or university. With technical skills in high demand, R.D. Anderson recognizes the fact than an ever-increasing number of good jobs today require at least two years of training after graduation from high school. The center's faculty and staff encourage students to continue their education and awards scholarships yearly to deserving students. R.D. Anderson offers cooperative education to many students each year, providing an opportunity to gain on-the-job experience while attending school. The program is a "cooperative" effort of the student, employer, parents, teacher, and school. Several programs also have dual credit arrangements with Spartanburg Community College and Greenville Technical College.