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Business/Industry Person of the Year

1.    Ernie Christian, owner of Extreme Colors.  Mr. Christian has been in business for 13 years and has 2 locations – Greenville and Spartanburg. He serves customers from Northern Georgia all the way up to Asheville. Mr. Christian has served on our Auto Collision Repair Advisory board since 2016.  He works with Mr. Mathis whenever called upon to help us out. He is a valuable resource for our school and our students. He makes every effort to make sure we get the best possible deals we can get as preparing students to paint and repair vehicles is an expensive program to run. He makes sure we have what we need.  He has donated roughly $10,000 worth of supplies to us.  We appreciate Mr. Christian and Extreme Colors.


2.  Brose North America, is a technological leader in mechatronics. (the integration of mechanics, electrics and electronics) They moved to the Spartanburg area  about 3 years ago. They quickly got involved with our center and inserted themselves into our Mechatronics program. They have donated over $10,000 in the past 2 years to our Mechatronics program. These monies have allowed us to purchase state of the art trainers which allow us to prepare the “future” mechatronic technicians for them! They have opened their doors to our students for co-op experiences and we look forward to growing our partnership for many years to come.