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Cosmetology Registration 2022-2023

RDA offers a comprehensive cosmetology program that teaches you the latest trends and requirements of the beauty industry, If you are interested in earning a state license to begin your career in cosmetology, then RDA is the right place for you.


There will be an interest meeting in the spring of 2023 for 10th grade interested in the program. Please see the below requirements for this program.


  1. Academics - Minimum GPA of 2.0 AND you must earn the required units of academic credit necessary to be classified as an 11th grader by July 1 prior to junior year.
  2. Attendance – We will look at the past 2 year history. Students who have been denied credit for more than 2 (two) courses due to excessive absences and have been absent more than 10 days will be considered “at risk” for admission.
  3. Discipline – We will look at the past 2 year history. Students with excessive discipline records will be considered “at risk” for admission.  Students with more than 5 offenses which led to OSS will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


For additional information, please contact Dr. Cedric Miller.